Welcome to the website of the
Texas Independent Ginners Association


Objectives of the Association

We believe in the American free enterprise system which has made our nation great and pledge ourselves to encourage and defend this system in the cotton ginning industry.

    We dedicate ourselves to the proposition that a man has the right to operate a business of his choice in an atmosphere of fair competition with others and we oppose government policies which bestow privileges on a particular segment in our industry.

    We will labor for an independent agriculture with a minimum of government controls.

    We will serve the best interests of the independent ginner in areas of profit, customer service and legislation.

    We will promote research in the ginning industry, strive for a healthy and aggressive cotton market and keep our membership informed of the latest advancements in agriculture.

    We will offer an area where independent ginners can gather to discuss and seek solutions to their common problems in order to achieve greater understanding and unity.

    We will always reflect the needs and desires of our membership through a duly elected Board of Directors.

TIGA Officers for 2017-2018 (L-R):

Eugene Crumpler, Jr. - Past President

Glen Phipps - President

Haydn Maddox - Vice President

Dan Evans - Secretary